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"LoadPilot offers a paperless solution bringing an age-old industry into the 21st Century."

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Trey S. Creighton
Owner Truckavailable

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"I attended broker training school with the intention of buying my own truck and brokering myself. I soon realized brokering by itself could be a very viable option. After learning of the very time consuming paperwork involved in being a broker I was resolved to be an agent for someone else giving up 30%-40% of my gross income. When I was introduced to Loadpilot I realized that this was a tool that could enable me to handle the massive flow of information a broker must have at at his fingertips. In the six months of using it I have been able to stay out of a truck, open my own brokerage (In my home) and achieve the level of replacing last years monthly income. The support staff has helped me with training, organization and optimization of my information. If I had to do everything that loadpilot does, by hand, It would reduce my sales capacity by 30%-40%. That can mean an additional 500k-750k in sales a year. At 15% commission, you do the math. In short Loadpilot is a tool I can't imagine working without. True professionals only use top quality tools. Loadpilot is one of those."

Thomas Adams

"Impressive! Not only does it save time for agents, but it saves a ton of time for brokers as well. All the records and information that we need are just a few clicks away. Great Selection of carriers as well!This frees up a lot of time that we can use to contact shippers, set-up loads, quote rates, or all the other things that we do in our day-to-day business. When all is said and done, our most valuable commodity in Brokering is our time, and LoadPilot is a huge help in saving time and increasing our productivity.

Good job guys!"

Jenet Baribeau
Youngtown Arizona

"The brokering industry has been managed on paper until now. LoadPilot offers a paperless solution bringing an age-old industry into the 21st Century. I can manage all of my documents online then save signed rate confirmations and truckers paperwork to my hard drive. Information is everything and information at your fingertips makes me invaluable to my customers. The truck database LoadPilot offers has a search function that I can use with partial information to give me the most broad or specific search I need. Thank you for creating such invaluable software!"

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